Mr Guy Fawkes


Available on CD. Dave Miller was part of the Christchurch musical invasion of Australia during the 1960s. Along with Ray Columbus & the Invaders, Max Merritt & the Meteors, Dinah Lee and Peter Nelson & the Castaways, Dave made a significant impact on both sides of the Tasman.

The Dave Miller Set is an important group in the history of Australasian music, and one that has been long overlooked. They were one of the most popular and hardworking live bands on the east coast scene in the late '60s. They are still fondly remembered for their classic psychedelic single "Mr Guy Fawkes", which was Go-Set magazines Single of the Year for 1969.

The records that The Dave Miller Set recorded for the Spin label are among the freshest and most enjoyable Australian pop-rock Singles of the late '60s. Little-known, and too long out of print they are genuine classics of their kind. All were produced and arranged by Pat Aulton, one of the most prolific, influential and talented producers of the period. For the first time on CD the complete output of the group has been compiled for CD and also includes tracks from Dave's 1970 'Reflection's Of A Pioneer' album with Set member Leith Corbett.


Mr Guy Fawkes
Someone Is Sure To
Why? Why? Why?
A Bread and Butter Day
No Need to Cry
Get Together
Hard Hard Year
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
Having A Party
The Loner
Don't You Think It's Time
In Your Mind
Reflections Of A Pioneer
I Don't Believe It
I'll Be Laughing
It's Great To Get Up In the Morning, But Better Staying In Bed
I Can Do It Better