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Duality is the latest album from the alternative classical music pioneer Dardust. A double album comprising a total of 20 tracks, it follows the release of three taster EPs: #001 Coordinate, #002 Hymns, and #003 Horizons.For the first time, Dardust presents the two halves of his musical soul - the acoustic world and electronic music - in complete isolation from one another. While on previous albums Dardust has added electronic soundscapes to his minimalist piano compositions, creating a genre that straddles neo-classical and pop, he has here chosen to split his two realms into two parallel but converging experiences.The solo piano tracks on RIGHT HEMISPHERE express the pure emotion and innocence of contemporary pianistic virtuosity through music inspired by the natural world and a more emotionally spontaneous sense of improvisation, like that of a poet. The electronic tracks on LEFT HEMISPHERE, by contrast, symbolise the rational part of our brain, the 'engineer' within the artist. They've been shaped with a new sound geometry linked to patterns, beats, synthesisers, and musical worlds belonging to different styles, blended together to produce a fresh type of artistic narrative.


  1. LEFT HEMISPHERE Parallel 43
  2. LEFT HEMISPHERE Space Samurai 
  3. LEFT HEMISPHERE Fluid Love 
  4. LEFT HEMISPHERE We’re Ready to Shine Again
  5. LEFT HEMISPHERE Horizon in Your Eyes
  6. LEFT HEMISPHERE Forget to Be
  7. LEFT HEMISPHERE Add? Staje (Feat. Tropico) [Where You Are] 
  8. LEFT HEMISPHERE The Whistle
  9. LEFT HEMISPHERE Petals (Exterior Night)
  10. LEFT HEMISPHERE Hymn (Epilogue)
  11. [DISC 2]
  12. RIGHT HEMISPHERE Lucciole [Dalla Finestra] Fireflies [From the Window]
  13. RIGHT HEMISPHERE Petali (Interno Giorno) [Petals (A Day Indoors)]
  14. RIGHT HEMISPHERE Nuvole in Fiore [Clouds in Bloom]
  15. RIGHT HEMISPHERE Dono Per Un Addio [Keepsake]
  16. RIGHT HEMISPHERE Hanafubuki (Attraverso La Tempesta Dei Fiori Di Ciliegio) [(Through the Cherry Blossom Snowstorm)] 
  17. RIGHT HEMISPHERE Komorebi (Luce Che Filtra Tra Le Foglie Degli Alberi) [(Light Filtering Through the Leaves of the Trees)] 
  18. RIGHT HEMISPHERE Dune [Dunes] 
  19. RIGHT HEMISPHERE Stormi Di Origami [Flocks of Origami Birds]
  20. RIGHT HEMISPHERE Nintai (Spada Nel Cuore) [(Sword in the Heart)] 
  21. RIGHT HEMISPHERE Inno (Prologo) [Hymn (Prologue)]