Haere Mai (Everything Is Kapai)


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Daphne Walkers original recordings on CD for the first time from the TANZA tapes. Some of these songs were re-recorded in later years..but these superior recordings are all you need


“She has the best breath control I know of. She usually marks down on her music when to take a breath. There was an instance where she went past that spot, and didn’t take a breath. I could see Daphne go blue in the face and her legs start to buckle because she was out of air. But it was a beautiful recording”. 
- Bill Sevesi


  1. Haere Mai
  2. Haere Ra My Love
  3. The Moon Of Manakoora
  4. Sophisticated Hula
  5. Maori Brown Eyes
  6. My Isle Of Golden Dreams
  7. Hootcy Kootchy Henry
  8. The One Rose
  9. When My Wahine Does The Poi
  10. Aroha
  11. Let Me Hear You Whisper
  12. Tahi Nei Taru Kino
  13. An Okey Dokey Hut
  14. Best Wishes
  15. Kotuku
  16. Maori Action Song
  17. Kapuana
  18. South Sea Rose
  19. Lovely Hula Girl
  20. The Pupuli Hula E
  21. Hawaiian Hospitality
  22. E Naughty Naughty Mai Nei
  23. Maori Style
  24. Lonely Kiwi
  25. Ukulele Lady
  26. Mapuana
  27. To You Sweetheart, Aloha
  28. Hula Oni Oni E
  29. Blue Lei
  30. Hawaiian Hula Eyes
  31. Kumu In A Muumu