Artistic Vice / 1990



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Double vinyl LP pressing. 1990 is Johnston's eleventh album, and features a combination of studio recordings, home recordings and live performances. Released the following year, Artistic Vice marked the first time Johnston recorded an album with the use of a full backing band on every track.


  1.  [Artistic Vice] My Life Is Starting Over
  2.  Honey I Sure Miss You
  3.  I Feel So High
  4.  A Ghostly Story
  5.  Tell Me Now
  6.  Easy Listening
  7.  I Know Casper
  8.  Startling Facts
  9.  Hoping
  10. It's Got to Be Good
  11. Happy Soul
  12. The Dream Is Over
  13.  Love of My Life
  14. I Killed the Monster
  15. Laurie
  16. Fate Will Get Done
  17. [1990] Devil Town
  18. Spirit World Rising
  19. Held the Hand
  20. Lord Give Me Hope
  21. Some Things Last a Long Time
  22. Tears Stupid Tears
  23. Don't Play Cards with Satan
  24. True Love Will Find You in the End
  25. Got to Get You Into My Life
  26. Careless Soul
  27. Funeral Home
  28. Softly and Tenderly