Dance Craze (CD)


April 4

Dance Craze is a 1981 concert film recorded at various venues throughout 1980 at the height of the 2Tone movement featuring exclusive live recordings by The Specials, Madness, The Selecter, The Beat, Bad Manners and The Bodysnatchers.
This new expanded Deluxe Edition 3 disc box set features the previously unreleased 27 track film soundtrack, along with the original 14 track vinyl album. Newly remastered from the original production masters. Available as a 3LP Vinyl Box set including the original poster, and a 3CD Clamshell Box Set with the original poster.


  1.  Nite Klub [The Specials]
  2.  The Prince [Madness]
  3.  Ne-Ne-Na-Na-Na-Na-Nu-Nu [Bad Manners]
  4.  (Shanty Town) [The Bodysnatchers]
  5.  Three Minute Hero [The Selecter]
  6.  Ranking Full Stop [The Beat]
  7.  Big Shot [The Beat]
  8.  Concrete Jungle [The Specials]
  9.  Swan Lake [Madness]
  10.  Razor Blade Alley [Madness]
  11.  Missing Words [The Selecter]
  12.  Let's Do Rock Steady [The Bodysnatchers]
  13.  Lip Up Fatty [Bad Manners]
  14.  Madness [Madness]
  15.  Too Much Too Young [The Specials]
  16.  On My Radio [The Selecter]
  17.  Easy Life [The Bodysnatchers]
  18.  Rough Rider [The Beat]
  19.  Man at C&A [The Specials]
  20.  Inner City Violence [Bad Manners]
  21.  Night Boat to Cairo [Madness]
  22.  Twist and Crawl [The Beat]
  23. Wooly Bully [Bad Manners]
  24. Too Much Pressure [The Selecter]
  25. Mirror in the Bathroom [The Beat]
  26. One Step Beyond [Madness]
  27. Nite Klub Reprise [The Specials]
  28.  Concrete Jungle [The Specials]
  29.  Mirror in the Bathroom [The Beat]
  30.  Lip Up Fatty [Bad Manners]
  31.  Razor Blade Alley [Madness]
  32.  Three Minute Hero [The Selecter]
  33.  Easy Life [The Bodysnatchers]
  34.  Big Shot [The Beat]
  35.  One Step Beyond [Madness]
  36.  Ranking Full Stop [The Beat]
  37.  Man at C&A [The Specials]
  38. Missing Words [The Selecter]
  39. Inner London Violence [Bad Manners]
  40. Night Boat to Cairo [Madness]
  41. Too Much Pressure [The Selecter]
  42. Nite Klub [The Specials]