Mattering and Meaning

Vinyl LP

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2021 release from London-based keyboardist/producer Dan Nicholls. His music uses acoustic piano as it's key element, transporting the instrument into new territories that sound remarkably natural and organic, whilst displaying a strong kinship with the world of abstract electronic music. The music utilises piano loops and field recordings as its key elements, forming what might be described on the surface as a fascinating ambient jazz record - but at the same time there's so much more at play here on deeper levels. Dan's music sounds at once otherworldly and immensely inviting.


1. Papa
2. Yeh Yeh
3. Fermentation
4. Breathe
5. Mattering and Meaning
6. Those Hills Hold You
7. Keep Doing Positive Things
8. Lou (The Posthuman Reverberates)
9. April 11th

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