Random Access Memories (Drumless Edition) (CD)


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You might think that announcing a drums and percussion-free version of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories album is tantamount to playing rugby with no ball and just cuddles, but actually doesn't that sound quite nice now we've said it? So does everything we've heard from this forthcoming ten-year edition of Daft Punk's swansong, with sneak peek track Within featuring Chilly Gonzales on piano, and the vocoder vocal sounding timelessly melancholic atop it. Curious? We are! - Flying Out

The 10th anniversary celebration of Daft Punk’s album Random Access Memories continues with ‘Random Access Memories (Drumless Edition)’.

Following the release of the critically acclaimed Random Access Memories 10th Anniversary Edition earlier this year, this new iteration of the GRAMMY-award winning Album of the Year strips away all drum and percussive elements from the album.  

Doing so brings out a timeless quality to the album, giving listeners the ability to dive deeper into the layers of each track.

Track List:

1. Give Life Back to Music (Drumless Edition)2. The Game of Love (Drumless Edition)3. Giorgio by Moroder (Drumless Edition)4. Within (Drumless Edition)5. Instant Crush (Drumless Edition) (feat. Julian Casablancas)6. Lose Yourself to Dance (Drumless Edition) (feat. Pharrell Williams)7. Touch (Drumless Edition) (feat. Paul Wiliams)8. Get Lucky (Drumless Edition) (feat. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers)9. Beyond (Drumless Edition)10. Motherboard (Drumless Edition)11. Fragments of Time (Drumless Edition) (feat. Todd Edwards)12. Doin’ it Right (Drumless Edition) (feat. Panda Bear)13. Contact (Drumless Edition)

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