Dabrye (Vinyl 6LP Box Set)

Vinyl Box Set

Tadd Mullinix created his Dabrye alias in the late ’90s as a hip-hop alter ego, a sonic wildstyle that weaved together the laid back vibes of midwestern hip-hop and east coast boom bap, the futuristic funk of Ummah-era Jay Dee, and the calculated subtlety of Detroit dance music. Upon discovering local Detroit hip-hop producers Mullinix realized many of the best had a rhythmic sensibility that set them apart from the rest of the country. Detroit wasn’t a hotspot on the nationwide rap map yet but it had its own swing, full of subtle differences and embodied by groups like Slum Village. As Dabrye, Mullinix captured some of this sensibility — the nuance of metric modulation — and paired it with electronic touches and rap swagger across three albums that brought a new set of Detroit aesthetics to the 2000s hip-hop conversation. Early fans of his refined style included the late James ‘J Dilla’ Yancey and fellow adventurer Prefuse 73 alongside whom Mullinix laid the foundations for a new wave of beat enthusiasts to emerge.In 2018, nearly 20 years after the first Dabrye beats burst out of Mullinix’s home computer, Ghostly International is compiling reissues of all three Dabrye albums - One/Three, Two/Three, and Instrmntl - with the third chapter in the Dabrye album trilogy, the long-awaited Three/Three album, in an exclusive limited edition box set. Time hasn’t dulled Mullinix’s sonic throw-ups, if anything the blur between digital and physical, hip-hop and electronic, subtlety and ruggedness that his music always implied is even more relevant today, especially in a world where students of his style are among the biggest names in the game. Like the city it looked to for inspiration, Dabrye’s sound was built to last.


  • GI-04 Dabrye - One/Three [2018 Remaster] LP
  • GI-50 Dabrye - Two/Three 2xLP
  • GI-303 Dabrye - Three/Three 2xLP (Clear Vinyl)
  • GI-24 Dabrye - Instrmntl LP (Blue Vinyl)

More Info

  • Limited to 500 units worldwide
  • Records are contained in black debossed slipcase box set with silver foil stamped edition number on back
  • Free downloads included