Cypress Hill (Reissue)

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Cypress Hill's eponymous debut album which revolutionized hip-hop in several respects. Although they weren't the first Latino rappers, nor the first to mix Spanish and English, they were the first to achieve a substantial following, thanks to their highly distinctive sound. Along with Beastie Boys and Public Enemy, Cypress Hill were also one of the first rap groups to bridge the gap with fans of both hard rock and alternative rock. And, most importantly, they created a sonic blueprint that would become one of the most widely copied in hip-hop. In keeping with their pro marijuana stance, Cypress Hill intentionally crafted their music to sound stoned — lots of slow, lazy beats, fat bass, weird noises, and creepily distant-sounding samples.


1 Pigs
2 How I Could Just Kill a Man
3 Hand on the Pump
4 Hole in the Head
5 Ultraviolet Dreams
6 Light Another
7 The Phuncky Feel One
8 Break It Up
9 Real Estate
10 Stoned Is the Way of the Walk
11 Psycobetabuckdown
12 Something for the Blunted
13 Latin Lingo
14 The Funny Cypress Hill Shit
15 Tres Equis
16 Born to Get Busy