Cut Worms (Vinyl LP, Seaglass)

Vinyl LP (Seaglass Colour)

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A New York native with a rare ear for melody, and a way of evoking the very best of yesteryear with his catchiest of tunes, Cut Worms - aka Max Clarke - is back. This self-titled third album finds Clarke in his finest form yet, leaving the safety of a studio to collaborate and record with the likes of The Lemon Twigs and Rick Spataro of Florist. If wistful sounds that transcend an era and carry you gently along for the ride are your thing, if you're a sucker for a dewy-eyed, daydreaming cowboy singing his lonesome songs with a twinge of hope, you'll be wanting to catch the Cut Worms train. All aboard! - Flying Out


The car windows are down, the air is warm, and the possibilities are boundless. On Cut Worms, the new self-titled album from Brooklyn-based Max Clarke, the singer-songwriter and musician continues his exploration of what he calls “pop essentialism”. Mining the golden hits of yesteryear for a timeless double A-side sound, he contemplates age-old questions through a modern lens. Here, he leaves behind the legendary studio and sought-after producers for a more homegrown approach, working with a cast of gifted friends and collaborators. The result is a compact collection of daydream anthems that live between the summer’s hopeful beginnings and the season’s fleeting end.



1 Don't Fade Out
2 Take It and Smile
3 Ballad of the Texas King
4 I'll Never Make It
5 Is It Magic?
6 Let's Go Out on the Town
7 Living Inside
8 Use Your Love! (Right Now)
9 Too Bad

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