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This new CD collection from Pōneke electronic spellcaster Current Bias, landing soon on the trusty local label Related Articles (GG Mothra, Van Staden & Böhm), has bumped Pepsi off the top spot of being the "choice of a new generation", and it's easy to see why. Expertly delving into digital chaos, embracing ambient space and hectic beats alike, Current Bias knows your attention span is shot to hell, and has created a bonkers soundtrack for your addled mind. - Flying Out

Enter the neuroemergent sound from Pōneke via Boorloo Boodja artist, Current Bias – returning to Related Articles with seven tracks of club experimentation and digital exploration. Frontal is music for the terminally online, referentially rich yet divergent in its direction.

Open to Stimming, a restless tension tool for an itch unsatisfactorily scratched. Weaponry that twists and tightens, teasing relief but never truly relinquishing its grip. Intensity is heightened further through Apropos In Accelerating Pt.1, the hyperactive polyrhythmic damager where form follows function but chaos prevails.

In Thinkcloud, agitated breaks are stanced out by melodies both digitally vibrant yet perceptibly human, accelerating a parasocial relationship to existence online such that all physical mechanisms ensnaring the corporeal form can be left behind.

Entering further into a place unknown, Apropos In Accelerating Pt.2 is electronic seclusion in granular pirouettes that dance through beckoning ambience. Level Steps follows with moody synthesis and sparse arrangement, intensely cinematic in its reification of the hidden rituals that define our digital landscape.

Unrestrained and authentic to the Current Bias sound, Limbic Freedom is a rhythmic stepper to encourage generous movement through mangled kick patterns and spiraling synth-stabs.

Club music respected and then re-imagined, finish with Yassify Tool as medicine for percussive relief, syncopating toward dizzying highs before resolving to the digital expanse.

  1. Stimming 
  2. Apropos in Accelerating PT. 1 
  3. Thinkcloud 
  4. Apropos in Accelerating PT. 2 
  5. Level Steps 
  6. Limbic Freedom 
  7. Yassify Tool