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Following on from the release of their latest single 'Oh Hi', ARIA Hall of Fame luminaries Crowded House have just announced their eighth studio album 'Gravity Stairs' is set for release Friday, May 31 via BMG 

It's the act of climbing those figurative "gravity stairs," inspired by a heavy stone staircase near where Neil Finn vacations that he likens to his mindset as a creator. “It’s a metaphor for getting a little older and becoming aware of your own mortality, your own physicality," Finn says. “Things are getting a little harder, and there's more determination needed to get to the top, but there's still the same compulsion to climb them.


  1. Magic Piano
  2. Life’s Imitation
  3. The Howl
  4. All That I Can Ever Own
  5. Oh Hi
  6. Some Greater Plan (For Claire)
  7. Black Water, White Circle
  8. Blurry Grass
  9. I Can’t Keep Up With You
  10. Thirsty
  11. Night Song
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