Daylight Again

Vinyl LP

Daylight Again (1982) began life as a collaboration between Stills and Nash while Crosby was sidelined. The pair recruited such talented vocalists as Art Garfunkel and Timothy B. Schmit to fill out the harmonies (as well as a raft of session aces to lend instrumental support), but in the end returned to their old friend to recreate the CSN magic.

All three rise to the occasion not only as singers but as songwriters; Crosby's outstanding "Delta," Stills' Curtis Brothers collaboration "Southern Cross" and Nash's frank look at the group's past squabbles "Wasted On The Way" rank with their most memorable material.


  1. Turn Your Back on Love 
  2. Wasted on the Way
  3. Southern Cross
  4. Into the Darkness
  5. Delta
  6. Since I Met You 
  7. Too Much Love to Hide 
  8. Song for Susan
  9. You Are Alive 
  10. Might as Well Have a Good Time 
  11. Daylight Again