American Noir


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The American Noir EP represents an epilogue to the narrative told in their critically acclaimed, Top 5 album Sex, Death and The Infinite Void and is released almost a year to the day of the album’s first anniversary. American Noir is a requiem to the album’s central character Roe, which explores his partner Annabelle’s grief and desolation following his death.

“This new EP is comprised of material we’d written over the course of the last album. Lavish and tragic, it tells the story of the days following the death of our protagonist Roe. Beginning with Midnight you’ll find Hannah and I experimenting with our voices together like never before.” - frontman Will Gould.


1. Midnight Militia
2. Midnight
3. America At Night
4. Ghosts Over Cavalry
5. The Drowning Room
6. One Of Us
7. Damned And Doomed
8. Frozen Night

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