Ocean Hug

LP (White Vinyl)

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Coughy is an American independent music group formed in 2016 by J Fader and A Molholt. What began as a late night recording experiment whilst teaching at a performing arts summer camp soon took on a life of its own, becoming a recurring obsession for the pair. J & A challenged one other to write one minute "tiny songs", packing as many logical twists and turns into the confines of 60 seconds as possible. After self releasing some of those lavish miniatures on a cassette tape in 2017, the band signed to Joyful Noise Recordings and now release their  full length album Ocean Hug.


1. F 01:21
2. G 01:24
3. N 01:22
4. V 00:51
5. P 01:32
6. O 00:29
7. T 01:24
8. E 01:20
9. M 01:22
10. L 01:50
11. I 01:10
12. H 00:46
13. K 01:00
14. B 00:52
15. X 01:06
16. U 01:40
17. A 00:43
18. W 01:31
19. S 01:11
20. C 01:55

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