Like That

Vinyl LP (Blue & Green)

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 Melbourne’s Cool Sounds release new album Like That, their first for Chapter Music. Like That is a transformative album. Cool Sounds’ usual jangle-pop sparkle has been supercharged by a disco-glam stomp, making for their most immediate, irresistible record yet. Like That combines wry, acerbic lyrics with bright, unstoppable pop-funk, finding a sweet spot between Ian Dury & the Blockheads, Hot Chip and 80s 12” mixes by Francois K. Cool Sounds polymath Dainis Lacey also steps out from behind a band facade on Like That. He plays almost everything on the record, with a little help from friends including multi-instrumentalist Dylan Young, saxophonist Pierce Morton and German-born vocalist Ambrin Hasnain (with whom Dainis also plays in Partner Look, signed to US label Trouble In Mind).

Past albums have moved deftly through indie-rock, slick 80s pop and wistful alt-country, with a lightness of touch that disguises Lacey’s sardonic, perceptive songwriting. 2019’s Cactus Country was nominated for an Australian Independent Record Label Award, and they have been featured in the Guardian, Line Of Best Fit, NME and elsewhere. On stage the project can swell up to six people. Cool Sounds have toured Europe twice and head to US in early 2023. In Australia they tour tirelessly, playing regional towns as often as urban metropolises.


  1. 6 Or 7 More
  2. Hello, Alright, You Got That?
  3. Part Time Punk
  4. AB
  5. Moving Around
  6. Built To Last
  7. Magic Trick
  8. Dance!
  9. Foreign Feelings
  10. Like That

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