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Cool Rainbows is psychedelic indie pop band based in Auckland, New Zealand. According to a review, "Cool Rainbows make psychedelic indie pop music that is backed by swirling orchestration and layered dreamscapes of sound."[1] They released their debut album, Whale Rocket, in 2012 on Lil' Chief Records.

Cool Rainbows was founded as a musical collective and solo project of Djeisan (pronounced "Jason") Suskov, a New Zealand musician. Other members of the collective include Paul Roper, Alex Freer, Cass Mitchell, Jonathan Pearce and Suskov's wife Emily Suskov.


  1. Southern Summer Sun 
  2. Reality And A Clue 
  3. Lets Just Be Together 
  4. Neverending War 
  5. Fake Tattoos
  6. Tidal Wave 
  7. 100 Voices 
  8. Forty Two 
  9. Pauly 
  10. Whale Rocket