Singles 2013-19

Vinyl LP
Compilation of singles, B-sides and unreleased tracks from “stuttering avant pop” New Zealand trio featuring members of Orchestra of Spheres and MarineVille.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs combine no wave guitar, soaring vocal harmony and a falling-down-the-stairs groove. Singles 2013-19 rounds up ten songs from 7” releases, compilations. Reviewing their 2016 single ‘Is there Logic in Pop?’ in The Wire, Byron Coley memorably described the band as “Eggheads!” and the single as “Pretty great stuff. Almost like some sort of collision between Georgia pop bands of the 1980s (Pylon, OhOk) and what Mayo was doing around that time. Quite a little charmer”.

The Crumbs' first LP On Television (2018) was a concept record which deconstructed banal online conversation about the band Television, including the size of the guitar players hands. Singles 2016-19 includes tracks from abandoned concept albums on Wellington Zoo & pop conceptualist Mayo Thompson.

The members of Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs are veterans of the NZ underground, with drummer Nell Thomas and bassist Erika Grant touring the pre-pandemic world extensively in Orchestra of Spheres and singer/guitarist Mark Williams in MarineVille, Bad Statistics and more.

The album is released in a boutique edition of 100 hand-signed LP’s on Burning Log.


1. Gecko 
2. Is there Logic in Pop? 
3. Walking the Turtle
4. Kestrels
6. Tahi, Rua, Toru, Wha
7. Puff of Air 
8. Childless Man at the Zoo
9. Robert Rauschenburg
10. Top Hat and Funny Face