Second Day Of Spring

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Vinyl LP (Opaque Green)



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At just 23-years-old, identical twin sisters Sophia and Jo Babb had faced a decade of darkness. Then, as Companion, they built lighthouses. With their debut album Second Day Of Spring, the duo arrive at the start of a blooming new season, holding a work that softly glows with a sincerity, vulnerability, and hopefulness that they fought hard to find along their way. “A lot of this album is rooted in healing from grief and familial hurt,” says Sophia. “There are songs about marriage and healing from mistrust. Family ties that have been broken.” Second Day Of Spring introduces two brilliant songwriters and mesmerising singers as they share their stories with gazes at once light and weighted, offering listeners comfort in despairing corners.


  1. How Could I Have Known
  2. Forfeit
  3. Arm's Length
  4. If I Were A Ghost
  5. Snowback
  6. 23rd Street
  7. Second Day Of Spring
  8. Newborn Of Springtime
  9. Sunday Morning
  10. Waiting For You