The White Birch (Reissue) (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

The early 90s weren't all Teen Spirit and Enter Sandman, no ma'am... Over in the Big Apple, one band was keeping things slower and sadder than anyone had previously thought scientifically possible, and that was Codeine. As hazy and gaze-y as their name might suggest, the trio all but invented the slowcore movement, influencing the likes of Low and Mogwai, but kept things arguably more experimental than their peers. After too long in the wilderness, those trusty folk at Numero are rescuing and reissuing their 1990 debut Frigid Stars, the devastating 1992 EP Barely Real, and the hugely influential final album The White Birch from 1994.  - Flying Out

1994’s ‘The White Birch’ was the second and final album from New York’s slowcore pioneers Codeine. Released just at the point at which groups they influenced like Low and Red House Painters began to come to prominence, this icy monolith of a record with punishing drums, vertiginous guitar screeds and crestfallen vocals is a perfect accompaniment to a classic like ‘Spiderland’.


1 Sea
2 Loss Leader
3 Vacancy
4 Kitchen Light
5 Washed Up
6 Tom
7 Ides
8 Wird
9 Smoking Room