The Moon and The Melodies (Reissue)


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"As slow and dreamlike as we know the albums of Cocteau Twins to be, this collaboration with ambient composer Harold Budd slowed things down to a glorious halt. Originally released in 1986, The Moon and the Melodies has been out of print on vinyl ever since. It is our utmost pleasure to report that at long last 4AD have seen fit to reissue the album, now fully remastered by Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie. Originally credited to each band member and Budd individually, this reissue brings the album into the fold as a true Cocteau Twins release." - Flying Out

The immense, unique collaborative album between Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd back on vinyl for the first time since 1986. Faithful black vinyl repress, complete with original 23 Envelope artwork.

The Moon and the Melodies is a singular record within the Cocteau Twins’ catalogue - unusually ethereal, even by their  standards, and largely instrumental, guided by the free-form  improvisations of Harold Budd, an ambient pioneer who had  drifted into their orbit as if by divine intervention. Building on the atmospheric bliss of Victorialand, released earlier the same year, it signalled a possible future for the trio, yet it was a path they’d never take again. Now, almost forty years after it was first released, it’s being reissued on vinyl for the first time – remastered from the original tapes, by Robin Guthrie himself

Track List:

  1. Sea, Swallow Me
  2. Memory Gongs
  3. Why Do You Love Me?
  4. Eyes are Mosaics
  5. She Will Destroy You
  6. The Ghost Has No Home
  7. Bloody and Blunt
  8. Ooze Out and Away, Onehow 

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