New Driveway Soundtrack

Vinyl LP
Bonked out 80s skate-arcade soundtrack mania from Los Angeles! 

Rolling out of LA with wind in their hair and sweat in the synths, ready to set the skateparks on fire come Cobra Man's Andy Harry and Sarah Rayne. When the two crossed paths, their aim was to push their sound past the point of being comfortable. “Instead of filtering out the ideas some people might consider cheesy or too catchy we wanted to own them and go with it” explains Andy “We've carved out a little space for ourselves to embrace whatever fun stuff we want. There was a process between Sarah and I about choosing vibes and pacing, so in a sense the whole thing was written in different characters but under the umbrella of our personalities.”

It's a lo-fo punk journey through bastardised arpeggiated Italo disco for the Thrasher generation, you'll hear that in tracks like 'Magic Hour'. Whereas 'Weekend Special' conjures up a pixilated streets of rage style call to arms, busting your way through the jocks with the Skatt Bros blasting in your headphones. 'Lazyman' turns the guitars up to 11 and lays on the thick Goner sound we all know and love, but never strays from the disco and punk infused soul of Cobra Man.

The debut album is inspired by The Worble Collective and skateboarding vids with bass lines being laid down on a battered old 80's Diamond bass, soaring synth melodies, Daft Punk strings and euphoric vocal hooks. It's rammed with influence ranging from Sister Sledge to Devo, Stereolab to William Onyearbor, ELO to The Kinks.

Soundtrack To New Driveway pushes across genres as frequently as it does environments. This infectious neon celebration will surely freshen your spirits and loosen your hips, satisfying your innate need for classic innovation and fun...

Follow us as we further coast deeper down down the New Driveway. 

Track Listing:

Old Driveway
Weekend Special
Magic Hour
Cookies Acrylics
Masters Of The Universe
Research Project
Worble Jamboree
Lazy Man
Friends Of Tom
Fistfight At The Stoplight
New Driveway