Clear Path Ensemble

Vinyl LP
Clear Path Ensemble is the neu project and brainchild of Wellington jazz and sonic arts graduate Cory Champion. Also producing left field house and techno under the name Borrowed CS, Clear Path Ensemble is Cory’s first offering to the jazz gods. Having spent many years playing drums alongside some of New Zealand’s most talented musicians in the revered Wellington jam session scene this release is an amalgamation of the energy & spirit that the Wellington scene encompasses.

Walking over the blurred lines of psychedelia and spiritual jazz and taking cues from planetary rhythms and celestial oddities, CPE invokes a higher sense of self through the transformative power of sound. In it’s truest essence these are a collection of cosmic compositions and a release that in our opinion is one of the heaviest to ever emerge from the New Zealand neo-jazz scene.

  1. Panorama Actual Spectral
  2. Sacred
  3. Future Fatigue
  4. Jerry's Funk
  5. Drip
  6. Tall Shorty
  7. Clear Path Interlude
  8. Inner Space