Only Run


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Expectation is a heavy burden in art, and it fell more heavily on Clap Your Hands Say Yeah than most. Their much-adored debut led many to hope that the band formed around Alec Ounsworth would reinvent indie, and with it the wider music industry. Yet by the time of fourth album Only Run, and the departure of three fifths of the band, Ounsworth sounded boundless and confident, free to indulge a wider set of influences and broaden his horizons. Grander in scale and ambition, it’s also the first Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album to feature guest collaborations – both Kid Koala and The National’s Matt Berninger appear. And that carefree spirit is evinced by the ground covered; twitchy, drum-machine fuelled minimalism (Beyond Illusion), a spacey, slow-motion lullaby (Cover Up), soft, twinkling electro (Your Advice). There are even samples. Through it all, Ounsworth’s voice is a singular and excitable as always, the number of different contexts through which it romps revealing how far his talent extends beyond charming, ramshackle indie pop. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah didn’t reinvent anything, but no bands do – stepping out from this onus freed Ounsworth to simply be himself, a generational talent following his well-attuned instincts.


  1. As Always 
  2. Blameless 
  3. Coming Down 
  4. Little Moments 
  5. Only Run 
  6. Your Advice 
  7. Beyond Illusion 
  8. Impossible Request

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