Clap Your Hands Say Yeah




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Few bands have burst quite so brilliantly onto the scene as Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Fewer still can say their debut album defined a scene, a time, and marked a paradigm shift in the music industry. But the then five-piece, fronted by the enigmatic Alec Ounsworth, managed all this and more; no wonder their self-titled record is still considered one the finest, and most influential, indie releases of the 2000s.A heady blend of left-field pop and melodic, exuberant indie rock, the record repurposed a number of classic new wave references for a new generation of music fans. Fun-loving and quirky, the band achieved that rare alchemy – synthesising a dizzying array of styles and influences into something wholly their own. And that something was utterly glorious, full of buzzing synths, trebly guitars, bustling drums, and lilting, wailing vocals. The record’s raw, ramshackle sound was an integral part of its appeal; time has merely magnified that charm. In The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth and Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood Ounsworth wrote two of the most uplifting, celebratory tracks of this millennium, obvious highlights on an album of consistent excellence, and one rightly lauded for re-writing the rules of what indie bands could be.


  1. Clap Your Hands! 
  2. Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away
  3.  Over And Over Again (Lost And Found)
  4. Sunshine And Clouds (And Everything Proud)
  5. Details Of The War
  6. The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth
  7. Is This Love?
  8.  Heavy Metal
  9. Blue Turning Gray
  10. In This Home On Ice
  11. Gimmie Some Salt
  12.  Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood