46 Years (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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Formed from, well .. the ashes.. of 1970s Auckland club circuit band Hot Ash, Cimeron was the project of husband and wife duo Rod and Pauline McAuley. Relatively short lived, the band released the harmony-soaked single It's So Easy on Eldred Stebbings' newly formed Key Records, before disbanding and forming a new outfit called Chalice. Thankfully, some considerable decades later, the makings of a full album have been discovered in the extraordinary Stebbings vault and completed, set for vinyl release in the coming weeks thanks to Stebbings' new pressing plant! - Flying Out

Rising from the embers of Auckland band Hot Ash, Cimeron started work on their debut album at Stebbing Recording Studios in 1977 with Rob Aickin and Ian Morris on production duties. Due to circumstances outside of the band’s control, production was halted until 2022 when the tracks were discovered in the Stebbing vault. So now in 2023, and 46 Years later, the album was completed. Also included on this vinyl version are two bonus tracks of the Hot Ash single ‘What A Day’ b/w ‘Feel It’ which was the last Zodiac 45 record before evolving into Key Records.


  1. If I Could I Would
  2. You And Me
  3. If Only
  4. The Waiting Game
  5. I Don’t Need You
  6. It’s So Easy
  7. Take The Time
  8. Day By Day
  9. Hot Ash
  10. What A Day Feel It

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