Songs of Vienna

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A psychedelic ride from the Austrian capital – Songs of Vienna is the new album by Clemens Bächer, an acclaimed free jazz percussionist, who twiddles knobs as CID RIM when not collaborating with fellow Austrian beatmaker Dorian Concept.
For Songs of Vienna he relocated to London and crafted a new formula which reconciles jazz, kraut and psychedelia into detailed electronic pop.
An exhilarating progression, Songs of Vienna is a bold step forward in this talented producers career and defines his unique voice in modern electronic music distilling elements of contemporary jazz and choral pop.
While many find comfort in art that’s safe and easy to categorise, CID RIM leaps forward, creating the new psychedelic pop our time deserves.
Songs of Vienna is an uproar of buoyant electronic production, a protracted vision of dance music, but it is also an album about a certain place at a certain time.


1. Paul’s
2. Purgatory
3. Friday
4. Last Snow
5. Rain
6. Get Up
7. The Marrow
8. We Drums Two
9. Too Long
10. Polarizer
11. Blame