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Whether he's producing brilliantly hazy hip hop, psychedelic electronica, or remixing local legends, Tàmaki Makaurau wizard Christoph El Truento can be trusted to give us the goods every time. Now, Christoph returns to a sound dear to his heart, with Dubs From The Neighbourhood. A spiritual sequel of sorts to 2019's exquisite Peace Maker Dub, the tunes here pay tribute to the warm and wobbly sounds of dub maestros of a bygone era, with local flavours informing and expanding the aural palette. The record also features a staggering array of guests, including Mara TK, Julien Dyne, Cory Champion, Jeremy Toy, Isaac Aesili, JY Lee, and plenty more, making this truly feel like a dub-tastic representation of the unique musical neighbourhood of Aotearoa. - Flying Out

Christoph El Truento picks up where he left off with the 2019 Aotearoa dub classic Peace Maker Dub, paying homage to dub music’s founders through a truly unique South Pacific lens. The highly anticipated “Dubs From The Neighbourhood'', like its predecessor, takes us on a musical journey inspired by road trips through small towns, sunshine, secluded beaches and deep green landscapes. However, listeners will find a sound that has matured in complexity, a sonic reflection of an artist that returns a bit older and wiser. While the idyllic scenery invoked on the cover is typically associated with a carefree joy, the album adds details and textures that nod to the inevitable flipside of grief and loss that are experienced alongside life's journeys. 

Drums & Additional Percussion: Julien Dyne
Vibraphone: Cory Champion
Piano: Daniel Hayles
Guitar: Eagle Master Selecto
Lap Steel Guitar: Jeremy Toy
Horn Section: JY Lee, Isaac Aesili & Lewis McCallum
Vocals: Mara TK, The Hongi Slicker, Christoph, Waiata & Rākai James

All other instruments, concepts, production & arrangements by Christoph El Truento


  1. Dubs From The Neighbourhood
  2. Another Scorcher [Discomix]
  3. Performer Dub feat. Mara TK
  4. Piwari
  5. Boss Man Dub
  6. Pep The Conqueror
  7. Traffic Jam
  8. Ghost Rhythm
  9. Low Tides
  10. Things Done Changed (is that Troy?)
  11. Moe Mai Ra

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