Set You Free (25th Anniversary Remaster)

In late 1996 Chisel decamped from their native D.C. to Brooklyn's Rare Book Room. The power trio of Ted Leo, Chris Norborg, and John Dugan teamed with engineer Nicolas Vernhes and came away with Set You Free, a remarkable, but largely overlooked, classic of the era. Originally issued on the venerable Gern Blandsten imprint, the album presaged the turn of the century '60s rock revival, providing a counterpoint to second-wave emo. This deluxe 25th anniversary remastered edition supplements the original's 17-song track list with five period alternates and rarities, plus a booklet of lyrics, photos, and an essay by Jes Skolnik. Get ready for the invasion.


  1.  On Warmer Music
  2.  All My Kin
  3. It's Alright, You're O.K
  4.  The Mutable Mercury
  5.  The Town Crusher
  6.  The Unthinkable Is True
  7.  River High
  8.  Every Is a Good Trip
  9.  Do Go on
  10. Privileged & Impotent
  11. Oh Dear Friends
  12. An Amateur Thief
  13. In Our Time
  14. Morley Timmons
  15. The O.T.S
  16. Rip Off the Gift
  17. The Last Good Time
  18. The Guns of Meridian Hill
  19. The Town Crusher (Live)
  20. Morley Timmons (Early Version)
  21. Every Is a Good Trip (Extended)
  22. The O.T.S. (Early Version)