Solo Piano

Vinyl LP
16 Piano themes for left hand accompaniment and right hand melody.

This collection of beautiful piano vignettes from 2004 brings to mind old black and white French film scores, and in particular Eric Satie. The keyboard clicks are all there in the production, which sounds warm and 'live'. It's arguably background music - and is good for that. But stick headphones on, or sit in front of your speakers in a dark room, and it sends you to a quiet reflective place. A radical departure from previous releases, Solo Piano finds Gonzales stripping away all the clever layering and production of 'Uber Alles' or 'Z' to deliver an album that shows his talent at its peak with minimal technical wizardry.


  1.  Gogol
  2.  Mainfesto
  3.  Overnight
  4.  Bermuda Triangle
  5.  Dot
  6.  Armellodie
  7.  Carnivalse
  8.  Meischeid
  9.  Paristocrats
  10.  Gentle Threat
  11.  Tourist
  12.  Salon Salloon
  13.  Oregano
  14.  Basmati
  15.  C.M. Blues
  16.  One Note at a Time