The Rereleases of the Unreleases


Three former students of Munich's School of Art New Yorker Melissa Logan, Sydney, Australia's Alex Murray-Leslie, and Munich's own Kiki Morse have invented an amorphous multimedia platform under the moniker Chicks on Speed. Originally this was self-released as a paperback sleeve in an edition of 1,000 copies in Germany and long since devoured by rabid fans. The Re-Releases of the Un-Releases, marks the first official domestic recording by Chicks on Speed, who merge performance, graphic design and feminist/consumerist politics with the seemingly disparate sounds of early 80's New Wave/NYC No Wave, electronica, DIY punk, disco, pop and Digital Hardcore. Their first single, a cover of The Normal's classic Euro-wave Warm Leatherette¬ù with DJ Hell on their own Go label, was their first rumble, claiming "Single of the Week" in NME. Four other singles released in 1999 all sold. Live shows by Chicks on Speed were elevating their notoriety, as the band came on stage wearing homemade paper dresses and performed their techno-soiled pop deconstructions via MiniDisc players and compact samplers, as video montages pulsed behind them. At nearly 72 minutes in length via 33 tracks, The Re-Releases of the Un-Releases is a remix collage of Chicks on Speed tracks by Viennese Ramon Bauer (Mego) and Gerhard Potuznik (Cheap, Mego, Breakin, IT), and includes all of their singles sewn together with live recordings, chicks interviews, caustic noise bursts, and a lot of rare historic chicks material like the very first Chicks recordings ever made. Challenging and thoroughly intoxicating.