Soft Spot




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Chelsea Jade's second album Soft Spot finds the Los Angeles-based New Zealand artist dwelling somewhere between feeling and expression, certainty and doubt. It ventures beyond the exploration of delusions of grandeur that formed the focus of the critically acclaimed Personal Best (2018), and simultaneously promotes and undermines romance, specifically, in a more solemn way.

The record transports the listener from speaker-side at a club, to wandering a party, to sitting at an open window with a pianist nearby. It shifts effortlessly from expansive sold-out-show sound to ethereal, twinkling detail. The writing on Soft Spot outwits even its clever, resourceful production, the lyrics a testament to the multi award-winning songwriter's belief in the pop format as a venue for prose.


1. Soft Spot
2. Optimist
3. Superfan
4. Best Behaviour
5. Big Spill
6. Good Taste
7. Tantrum In Duet
8. Real Pearl
9. Night Swimmer