Death Lust

Chastity is a world of its own from the mind of Brandon Williams. Reflecting the working class background of Whitby, Ontario, Chastity's songs are charged with the ethos of archetypal youth on the fringe. A project more aptly characterised by its intentions than specific sound or medium, Chastity stands to confront the struggles of those existing in the unseen, often silenced periphery. It is an artifact of youth culture constantly working to form community, bridging isolation with collectivity.

Visuals play a meaningful role in this world with Williams using his penchant for crafting consistently sharp, challenging imagery to personalize the narratives running throughout all of Chastity's work - most discernibly, a call for the disruption of harmful status quo.

Death Lust follows the plot of suffering to survival. The album begins on a tortured note with 'Come' and builds toward the plummeting finale of 'Chains', evolving from start to finish in a crescendo of severity. Chastity explains, "Death Lust is about growing up death obsessed. It's about the pain that it takes but the capacity that we have to overcome." 


1. Come 
2. Suffer 
3. Scary
4. Children 
5. Heaven Hell Anywhere Else 
6. Negative With Reason To Be 
7. Anoxia 
8. Choke
9. Innocence 
10. Chains 
11. Heaven Hell Anywhere Else (Single Edit)