Cyan Blue (Vinyl LP, Coke Bottle Green)

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Vinyl LP (Coke Bottle Green)



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Canadian songwriter and vocalist Charlotte Day Wilson knocked our collective socks off with her 2021 album Alpha, and we're psyched to hear there's a new one on the way. Cyan Blue sees our heroine signed to XL Recordings, and is set to show just how many leaps and bounds she has come with her writing. Expect heart-exploding soul, folk with all the feels, rousing R&B, and a voice that'll have you at the first note. - Flying Out

Cyan Blue, Charlotte Day Wilson’s debut album on XL Recordings showcases the next evolution of Wilson’s time-bending songwriting. Through 13 hypnotizing tracks, she continues to use music as a vessel for unpacking relationships, which in turn allows her to meet and understand herself in life-spanning, panoramic focus. With roots ranging from R&B to folk, her soulful, singular voice and timeless sound has garnered global attention.

  1. My Way
  2. Money
  3. Dovetail
  4. Forever feat. Snoh Aalegra
  5. Do U Still
  6. New Day
  7. Last Call
  8. Canopy
  9. Over the Rainbow
  10. Kiss & Tell
  11. I Don’t Love You
  12. Cyan Blue
  13. Walk With Me

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