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Charley Crockett has shared details of his upcoming studio album Music City USA along with the lead single I Need Your Love. Crockett’s tenth studio effort in six years will be available on September 17th via Son Of Davy/Thirty Tigers.

I Need Your Love shows us a different side of Crockett as the country revivalist is joined by a swinging horn section. The track is a slow waltz that allows Crockett to croon in his hangdog Southern fashion as the track shuffles along. Meanwhile, the music video sees the re-emergence of a rotary phone, not unlike the one that served as a unifying plot device in the cinematic universe of his music videos for 2020's Welcome To Hard Times.

In a statement, Crockett said of Music City USA and I Need Your Love,

"I like to think of my sound as “Gulf & Western,” and this number here is all gulf coast music. Something you’d hear out of southeast Texas recording studios or southern Louisiana. I’d been foolin’ around with this song for a while, and when we went to record it, we decided at the last minute to double the length of the chorus. I felt right then that we had something. I’d wanted to bring the horns back for a couple tunes on this album. Soul and Country R&B from the deep south is a whole lot of who I am. I hope it shows through on “I Need Your Love.”


1. Honest Fight
2. I Need Your Love
3. The World Just Broke My Heart
4. Are We Lonesome Yet
5. This Foolish Game
6. Round This World
7. Music City USA
8. Just So You Know
9. Lies And Regret
10. I Won't Cry
11. Smoky
12. Muddy Water
13. 518
14. Only Game In Town
15. Hanger On
16. Skip A Rope