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Bad Reflection - Flying Out


Bad Reflection

Pogo Time Records

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"Released on their own Pogo Time Records label, the Los Angeles/Toronto-based Chain Letters just released their debut 7″. Bad Reflection comes with two refreshing tracks of their punk-inflected garage pop.

Splitting time between both Los Angeles and Toronto, Chain Letters are still a fairly new band. Bad Reflection is their debut release of any sort, bringing us two rollicking cuts of their fun-loving pop-punk. Lead guitarist Chris Parker admittedly wrote these songs before he even knew how to play guitar, something were still scratching our heads over. Youd never even guess that after listening, as our ears are filled with his scratchy, melodic guitar shards that carve a path for Sophia Dilleys high-pitched squeals. Together these two elements create a deliciously memorable hook in the chorus, one that you wont soon be shaking from your ear canal. Hear it right below to get a fully loaded dose of this ravaging guitar pop!" Styrofoam Drone

Artist: Chain Letters
Title: Bad Reflection
Label: Pogo Time
CAT#: PT-001
Year: 2013
Format: 7"

Track List:

  1. Bad Reflection
  2. Boulevard Girls



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