The Best Of Cerrone

Vinyl 2LP

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Cerrone  The Best Of Cerrone - Marc Cerrone, the French legend of disco, celebrates 45 years of his career by creating this first-time compilation on vinyl: The Best Of Cerrone contains 19 single edit versions of his greatest hits from 1976 to 2021 on double vinyl.


  1. Supernature [Edit]
  2.  Cerrone's Paradise [Edit]
  3.  Look for Love [Edit]
  4.  Love Is Here
  5.  Look for Love / Feel for You
  6.  Give Me Love [Edit]
  7.  Freak Connection [Edit]
  8.  Music of Life
  9.  2nd Chance
  10.  The Impact
  11.  Love in C Minor [Edit]
  12.  You Are the One [Edit]
  13.  Midnite Lady [Edit]
  14.  Hooked on You [Edit]
  15.  Therapy
  16.  Rocket in the Pocket
  17.  Bodytalk
  18.  Got to Have Lovin' [Edit]
  19.  Club Underworld [Edit]

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