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Sun - Flying Out



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Seventeen years after Chan Marshall's debut as Cat Power and six years after her most recent album of original material, comes Sun, her ninth album. But let's drop the math right there. Because Sun is a record with its own peculiar temporal logic, one that's circular rather than linear.Take that picture on the cover, for example. It's Marshall 20 years ago, but toward the end of Sun's almost six-year gestation period, she chopped off her hair and looks, once again, like the image in the photo. At the risk of engaging in cheap analysis, this fact feels not entirely trivial. "When we were teenagers, we wanted to be the sky," she sang on her enduringly haunting 1998 record Moon Pix, her voice warbling at that moment as if she were delivering an elegy, like it's a shame we all at some point give up on those lofty and poetically illogical dreams. But Sun is a testament to what happens when that sensibility and logic somehow survive a turbulent adulthood: This, these weather-beaten and irrepressibly hopeful songs all seem to say, is what it sounds like when you still want to be the sky at 40. Pitchfork 7.9



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