Vinyl LP

Uralba was recorded by CAT CAT at The Lodge near Canberra and Bell St in Fitzroy. Mixing and Mastering was by top bloke Casey Rice. The album artwork is by Thao Phan and layout by Andrew Darragh. Special thanks to Haza for playing bass on the title track Uralba, as well as Rodney, Carol, and Kate at The Lodge for looking after us. And cheers to Tim from Dream Damage for his enthusiasm. Pressed at Gotta Groove Records. Uralba is a Dream Damage release of 2011.


1. Bobby Killed The Cat
2. Hate Me
3. Water Goes
4. Keys and Locks Don't Work
5. Pavement
6. Romance
7. Moving Song
8. Ourselves
9. Drive A Desert Into A Brick Wall
10. Uralba