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Auckland'sCarbonCarb'sself-titled10-track album is a redefinition of the band.Sonically it sees the pair redefine their sound by shifting towards a 90s pop-punk style, while still retaining their older influences.Lyrically the album centres around themes of growing and aging, or as the band explain it:"coming to terms with the fact that youre never really ready to get older, and the process of settling in to who you are and where you fit."

Engineered and mixed by James Goldsmith, mastered by US emo mastering stalwart Carl Saff (You Blew It!, Joie de Vivre).

Auckland guitar-drums duoCarbonCarbcontinue to hone their tangled, emotional indie rock on their new single. Driven by Nicole Gaffneys yearning vocals, ‚Not Cute, Anymore is noisy and heartfelt, bridging the gap between 1990s emo bands like Rainer Maria and current counterparts like Waxahatchee. Mess + Noise

Sonically,CarbonCarbshare similarities with emo peers like Algernon Cadwallader and, thematically, their tracks deal with feminism, friendship and finding peace with your hometown...Their words are sharp, intellectual and always wrapped around a singable melody…they prove that their debut is reflective, a bit shambolic and, ultimately, a lot of fun. The Wireless

    Artist:Carb on Carb
    Title: Carb on Carb
    Cat #: PAP033

    Year: 2015
    Format: LP, CD, Cassette + Digital


    1. Best Your Worst
    2. The War On Men
    3. Phenomenal Ladies
    4. Not Cute, Anymore
    5. Kei Tamaki
    6. Eden Terrors
    7. People I Don't Like
    8. Zuri Gaffney
    9. Smash
    10. Take Your Place In The World