Teens Of Style


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Car Seat Headrest is the lo-fi indie rock project of Will Toledo, and although he has released before, this is his first full record with a whole band behind him. The extra beef behind the songs on Teens Of Style is very welcome, as are the extra touches (a little synth hovering here, a little counter-melody there) they bring. On Matador.


1.Sunburned Shirts 
2.The Drum 
3.Something Soon 
4.No Passion 
5.Times to Die 
6.psst, teenagers, take off your clo
8.Maud Gone  
9.Los Borrachos (I Don't Have Any Hope Left, But the Weather is Nice) 06:23
10.Bad Role Models, Old Idols Exhumed (psst, teenagers, put your clothes back o) 
11.Oh! Starving

RIYL: Sandy (Alex) G, Frankie Cosmos, Neutral Milk Hotel

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