CALEXICO - Hot Rail – Flying Out
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Hot Rail

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Vinyl LP


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In 2000 the Tucson band returned with their second album proper and further refined their desert noir soundscapes. On this album Calexico opted for a more intimate form of expression, for a stylish, sombre, bleak ballad style that is often drenched in psychedelic reverbs and accented by jazz instruments. Then again it does contain their first forays into the semi pop song with The Ballad Of cable Hogue and eventually it was reissued with a version of Crystal Frontier that had quickly become a live favourite and went on to become their first pan European radio hit and calling card.


  1. El Picador 
  2. Ballad of Cable Hogue
  3. Ritual Road Map 
  4. Fade 
  5. Crystal Frontier 
  6. Untitled III 
  7. Sonic Wind 
  8. Muleta 
  9. Mid-Town
  10. Service And Repair 
  11. Untitled II
  12. Drenched
  13. 16 Track Scratch 
  14. Tres Avisos 
  15. Hot Rail