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Celebrating its 20th birthday this year, Pressure Chief is the fifth studio album by genre-bending Sacramento act CAKE. Arriving on the scene in 2004, Pressure Chief threw country, pop, and rock into the musical mix, with tunes like Carbon Monoxide and No Phone among fan favourites. Announced for re-release in mid March, the album arrives as the latest slice in a welcome reissue campaign by this brilliant cult act. - Flying Out

Pressure Chief is the fifth studio album by alternative rock band CAKE. Released in 2004, this album showcases the band's unique fusion of different musical styles including country, pop, and rock. With track highlights like “Wheels” and “No Phone,” CAKE further solidifies their presence in the music industry through their creativity and storytelling.

  1. Wheels    
  2. No Phone    
  3. Take It All Away    
  4. Dime    
  5. Carbon Monoxide    
  6. The Guitar Man    
  7. Waiting    
  8. She'll Hang the Baskets    
  9. End of the Movie    
  10. Palm of Your Hand    
  11. Tougher Than It Is

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