Comfort Eagle (Reissue) (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP
It can be easy (a piece of cake, even) to forget just how huge Cake were at one point, but even twenty-something years on, their biggest tunes stream in the hundreds of millions. Finally set to get its reissue moment, Comfort Eagle was released in 2001, and spawned the gigantic hit Short Skirt / Long Jacket, as well as fan favourite Love You Madly. - Flying Out

CAKE's fourth studio album, Comfort Eagle, is released on stand-alone vinyl for the first time. The platinum-selling album is pressed on 180g black vinyl.Originally released through Columbia Records in 2001, the band continued their brand of smirking funk pop that garnered them a loyal fan base from their previous efforts.Includes the hit single "Short Skirt / Long Jacket", as well as "Opera Singer" and "Meanwhile, Rick James...".


  1. Opera Singer
  2. Meanwhile, Rick James
  3. Shadow Stabbing
  4. Short Skirt / Long Jacket
  5. Commissioning a Symphony in C
  6. Arco Arena
  7. Comfort Eagle
  8. Long Line of Cars
  9. Love You Madly
  10. Pretty Pink Ribbon
  11. World of Two