All Her Plans (Vinyl LP, White)

Vinyl LP (White)

Melbourne faves Cable Ties are back with their third studio album All Her Plans on Poison City! This new set of driving, rhythmically powerful tunes is also their most personal batch yet, with topics ranging from mental health, a failing health system, and addiction. As usual, though, the painful moments are dressed up in noise and melody, with the label calling this one a "celebration of their resilience and a massive step forward into a future they can finally claim as their own".

The group's most sonically confident work yet, All Her Plans builds on Cable Ties trademarks: taut garage rhythms, perfectly wiry guitar lines, incandescent vocals. Bassist Nick Brown’s and drummer Shauna Boyle’s kraut-inflected grooves pulse reliably behind the post-punk jag of McKechnie’s guitar. Thrumming with the same intensity as the band’s previous releases, the record offers more concentrated, personal lyrics from lead vocalist and guitarist Jenny McKechnie as she traces themes of addiction, mental health, and Australia’s flagging healthcare system, with much drawn from the experiences of her own family. All Her Plans is a breakthrough moment for Cable Ties. 


1 Crashing Through
2 Perfect Client
3 Time for You
4 Too Late
5 Mum's Caravan
6 Thoughts Back
7 Silos
8 Change
9 Deep Breath Out