Solar Music (CD)


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The Richmond, VA band Butcher Brown’s new album Solar Music explores a blend of genres including Jazz, Hip-Hop and R&B/Soul.

Following the release of Butcher Brown Presents Triple Trey and #KingButch, this forward-thinking band shares 17-tracks (with three additional single edits on digital) and includes featured guests: Pink Siifu, Braxton Cook, Jay Prince, Nappy Nina, Keyon Harrold, Michael Millions, Charlie Hunter and more.


1. Cozumel
2. Espionage featuring Charlie Hunter
3. I Can Say To You featuring Vanisha Gould
4. MOVE (RIDE) featuring Jay Prince
5. Turismo featuring Julia Shuren
6. Eye Never Knew featuring Pink Siifu and Keyon Harrold
7. No Way Around It
8. Half of It featuring Nappy Nina
9. DYKWYD featuring Braxton Cook 
10. Happy Hourrr 
11. Run It Up featuring Pink Siifu 
12. Pink Fur featuring Michael Millions
13. This Side Of Sunshine
14. BubbleBath
15. Touring Pains
16. It Was Me
17. Around For A While

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