To Let a Good Thing Die


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“an incredible project...Major opens himself up like few artists are able to do – obviously, the result is stunning” - NME

“sobering, dusky musings powered largely by scraps of haunting piano and Major’s tremendous vocals" - CLASH

To Let A Good Thing Die is Bruno Major's follow Up To 2017's A Song For Every Moon.

The stories told on To Let A Good Thing Die are drawn just as much from personal experiences as they are from the empathetic – built around snippets of conversation overheard on the street, throw-away words of a lover or friend, literature and films, and all manner of subconscious influences which permeate the everyday. Bruno's songs speak all at once to a collective experience, yet resonate with a breadth of intimacy that could convince the listener it was for them alone.

RIYL - James Blake, Flying Lotus


1. Old Soul
2. The Most Beautiful Thing
3. Nothing
4. Regent’s Park
5. Old Fashioned
6. She Chose Me
7. Figment Of My Mind
8. Tapestry
9. I’ll Sleep When I’m Older
10. To Let A Good Thing Die

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