Vinyl 2LP

Iridescence is the fourth studio album by American collective Brockhampton, released by Question Everything, Inc. and RCA Records, as their major-label debut and the first instalment of their The Best Years of Our Lives trilogy.

The group's fourth record is a pummeling collection of mosh-pit conductors, crowded songs, and fleeting moments of delicacy. Recorded over 10 days at London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios, Iridescence puts aside braggadocio. Instead, it muses on what it means to be global hot property, the weighty responsibility that comes with it, and the importance of delivering the truth. “There’s no money on my mind / But my money or my mind,” ponders Bearface, flipping Snoop Dogg’s Gin and Juice upside on on Tonya,“What’s the first to fall?”.

1. "New Orleans" featuring Jaden Smith
2. "Thug Life"
3. "Berlin"
4. "Something About Him"
5. "Where the Cash At"
6. "Weight"
7. "District"
8. "Loophole"
9. "Tape"
10. "J'ouvert"
11. "Honey"
12. "Vivid"
13. "San Marcos"
14. "Tonya"
15. "Fabric"