Distant Call - Collected Demos 2000 - 2006 (Vinyl LP)

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After the tragic death of Broadcast's Trish Keenan in 2011, it fell to surviving member James Cargill to make sense of the vast archive of unfinished material left behind. Having issued a handful of rarities and unheard versions in the time since, as well as a posthumous soundtrack, the absolute final word from Broadcast and their trusty label Warp will be a pair of staggered releases that feature previously unreleased demos. Out in May, Spell Blanket collates three dozen demos and song sketches for the album that never was, taken from the MiniDisc and 4-track recordings Keenan left behind, while Distant Call is due in September and features two unreleased songs, as well as demos for songs that would be re-recorded for inclusion on some of the duo's classic records. - Flying Out

Distant Call is a collection of early demos that were worked into finished productions appearing on Haha Sound, Tender Buttons and The Future Crayon.

The album also includes two songs discovered by James after Trish’s passing: “Come Back To Me” and “Please Call To Book” which was her response to Broadcast's 2006 ‘Let’s Write A Song’ project, where fans were asked to submit lyrics on a postcard which would then be worked into a finished song.

Distant Call is a closing of the door on Broadcast and will be the last release from the band.

  1. Tears in the Typing Pool [Demo]
  2. Still Feels Like Tears [Demo]
  3. Come back to Me [Demo]
  4. The Little Bell [Demo]
  5. Distant Call [Demo]
  6. Valerie [Demo]
  7. Colour Me in [Demo]
  8. Ominous Cloud [Demo]
  9. Flame Left From the Sun [Demo]
  10. Where Youth and Laughter Go [Demo]
  11. Poem of a Dead Song [Demo]
  12. O How I Miss You [Demo]
  13. Pendulum [Demo]
  14. Please Call to Book [Demo]

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