Brain Bagz / Bloodbags Split

Vinyl LP


Outta Salt Lake City no less, an amalgam of fried and freakish sounds that polluted stereos decades before, but stewed altogether nicely for a fresh take on infectious garage psych bile...”Psychedelic Jungle”-era Cramps be a good starting point fer the swampy sludge these Utah natives muster. But there’s a heap of 13th Floor Elevatin’, Sky Saxon seediness, Screamers raw synth pulse, Crime caterwaul, Scientists throb, even doses of Oh Sees hypno drone groove stomp layered upon each other in these cats’ arsenic arsenal ....probably/possibly the death cries of the band, BAGZ no more? Good we gots some tangible history before the going done gone...


Brewing, and stewing, doing a good stretch of crafting new crudity from their lair with their rusty weapons, these Auckland NZ natives cooked a fresh batch half dozen of groove grime last 2019 year for this split w/their similarly monikered US tour buddies. Everything’s tagged and bagged right? Attempting to harness hyped-up evil Chrome Crank groove to Hound Dog Taylor raw boogie was never an easy ask. Here ya gets the blind stabs and stumbles at such targets.

Includes Download card!